Origin Minerals Engages Lithium Brine Experts

Origin Minerals believes there are a limited number of commercially attractive lithium-rich brine basins in the United States and has engaged experts from Groundwater Insight, Inc. (GWI) to identify potential lithium targets in Nevada and Utah.

“This assignment is very exciting for us because we intend to evaluate over 160 water basins across Nevada and Utah for potential lithium brines using key learnings from our prior lithium brine exploration experience,” said Mark King, hydrogeologist and CEO of GWI. King is a lithium brine specialist with 35 years of experience in groundwater research and has been a part of more than 200 groundwater projects in North and South America.

Geologist and GWI team member Emily Hanson will also work on lithium target identification for Origin Minerals. She has over a decade of experience in exploration geology and sedimentology and has supported the development of lithium resource estimates in Argentina and Chile.

“This U.S. lithium study will form the basis of our future mineral acquisition program,” said Kelly Jones, CEO of Origin Minerals. “Groundwater Insight will begin their work immediately and we look forward to the delivery of their findings over the next six months.”