Origin Minerals partners with Browning Oil Company

Origin Minerals is pleased to announce it has entered a joint venture with Browning Oil Company to further expand, explore and develop its lithium resources. Founded in 1974, Browning Oil Company is a family-owned O&G exploration and production company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Having participated in the drilling, completion and operation of over 1,000 wells in the U.S., Browning brings an expert team in subsurface evaluation, drilling and field operations.  

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to apply our experiences in the oilfield, said Mike McWilliams, CEO of Browning Oil. “The critical need for battery materials is driving innovation which has opened new lithium resource possibilities. This is similar to what we saw in the oil and gas industry. It’s fun for us to be a part of solving this critical need for U.S. lithium.”  

With the introduction of Direct Lithium Extraction technology, new sources of lithium rich water can be used to produce battery grade lithium. Combining the business of lithium with the business of oil and gas exploration and production is a natural fit.